What is the settlement report? What does it contain?

The settlement report is a list of all payables and deductibles - claims, returns, fees and chargebacks - that have been paid or deducted from payout on any payout day.

When are settlement reports provided?

Settlement reports are provided on each working day when Ratepay generates a payout - even if it contains no payments to the partner.


Upon partner request, Ratepay can disable the upload of empty files.

We advise against disabling the upload of empty reports, as it is a confirmation that the technical process did not encounter any errors.

How is the settlement report provided?

A csv report is provided via the Ratepay SFTP in the from_ratepay/settlement_report directory.


You will receive access to the Ratepay SFTP server during the integration process.

For more information, see SFTP

After 30 days the csv report is archived to the archive/settlement_report directory.

File naming pattern

The report is provided with the naming pattern



  • {YYYYMMDD} is the date of report generation, and
  • {partner_identifier} is a select identifier you receive during integration.