Ratepay Payment Plugin for OXID

Once implemented, Ratepay enables you to accept online payments without any risk of fraud and without the hassle of debtors management.

Enjoy maximum conversion rate and zero risk.


Whitelabel integration of the following Payment methods:

  • Open invoice
  • Instalment
  • SEPA direct debit
  • 0% Financing

within the following countries:

  • DE
  • AT
  • CH
  • NL


The Ratepay Payment Plugin for Shopware 5 supports

  • Partial & full deliveries
  • Partial & full cancellations
  • Partial & full returns


For the installation of the Ratepay Payment Plugin you may need an

  • FTP client with log-in credentials to your server and
  • OXID administration permissions.

The Ratepay Payment Plugin checkout process is optimized based on the Azure Theme.

Regarding which OXID version you have installed, please choose the corresponding extension: