Instalments / 0% Financing

With Ratepay Instalments / 0% Financing, you can offer your buyers the ability to pay in instalments. We offer a risk check in real time so that the buyer does not have any additional efforts.


Instalments / 0% Financing is a payment option that allows customers to pay for a purchase over a period of time.


The advantage for you: You receive the payout amount, minus any fees incurred, even before the instalment plan is completly paid.

The buyer selects either a specific installment amount or a term in the checkout. The fees incurred by the financing are then displayed in the checkout. 1

instalment calculator example


The instalment payments can be made by direct debit, or also by bank transfer, depending on the contractual agreement.

1 The final conditions of an instalment plan will be defined, when you send a confirmation of shipment. The buyer will be informed by Ratepay about the final details.

Process in a nutshell

  • Buyer can choose between the runtimes for the payment via Instalments / 0% Financing and see the instalment conditions
  • Buyer decides to to pay via "Instalments / 0% Financing" with a specific runtime
  • Seller sends a PAYMENT_REQUEST / Authorize transaction request to Ratepay with the buyer-, SEPA bank-, shopping basket- & payment data
  • Ratepay responds, if this transaction has been accepted or rejected
  • In case of a...
    • rejection, the reason should be shown & the buyer should choose another payment method
    • acceptance, the seller should inform the buyer about the successful transaction
  • When the seller sends the goods, a CONFIRMATION_DELIVER / Capture transaction request must be sent to Ratepay.
    • This starts the contractually agreed time for the payout to the seller & the claim will be transfered to Ratepay,
    • an instalment plan will be sent by Ratepay,
    • an invoice should be sent to the buyer,
    • For instalments via direct debit, a withdrawal from the buyer's bank account takes place at each 2nd day of a month.
    • For instalments via bank transfer, the due date for the buyer takes place at each 28th day of a month.