Instalment integration

Wording and placement guidelines for the Ratepay Instalment Calculator

The integration of the Ratepay instalment calculator in case of using the Ratepay payment method Payment by Instalments is mandatory.

Whenever Payment by instalment is used, the following details, sent with Ratepay's instalment calculator response, needs to be shown to the customer during checkout:

Information Description
<number-of-rates> months at <rate> Duration and monthly amount
<total-amount> Total amount incl. fees and charges

Additionally you have to show a link or a button, called Show calculation details / Ratenberechnung anzeigen to provide the respective calculation details. They have to contain the following details:

Value Description
Shopping basket amount incl. shipping (Summe aller Artikel Ihres Warenkorbs, inkl. Versandkosten etc.)
Service charge
(Bei Ratenzahlung pro Bestellung anfallende, einmalige Bearbeitungsgebühr.)
Effektiver Jahreszins
Annual percentage rate of charge
(Gesamtkosten des Kredits als jährlicher Prozentsatz.)
Sollzinssatz p.a. (gebunden)
Debit interest rate
(Periodischer Prozentsatz, der auf das in Anspruch genommene Darlehen angewendet wird.)
Interest rate
(Konkreter Geldbetrag, der sich aus den Zinsen ergibt.)
Monatliche Rate je
Monthly instalment due
(Monatlich fälliger Teilbetrag.)
Final/last instalment due
(Im letzten Monat fälliger Teilbetrag.)
Total amount incl. fees & charges
(Summe der vom Käufer zu zahlenden Beträge aus Warenwert, Vertragsabschlussgebühr und Zinsen.)

An alternative integration requires the prior approval of Ratepay.

An instalment calculator demo is available here:

Instalment calculator demo

Product details pages

You can point out the possibility of payment by instalments on product detail pages. This could look like this:

230 €
oder 6 Raten á 40,79 €

For more information on the integration of the Ratepay instalment calculator, see the following pages:

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